Home for the Solr search companion. Search-companion simplifies daily interactions with Solr.

Welcome to search-companion is working on open source tools to help technical people to interact with the open source search engine Solr ( The functionality is based on apache camel ( application. The search-companion components are deployed in an apache karaf container ( via “search-companion” karaf features.

Quick start demo

The easiest way to see the search-companion functionality in action, is to run the searchcompanion/karaf docker container in an example “docker compose” network with a zoo/solr ensemble and an example db. See the companion-demo README page

search-companion features deployed in karaf

REST service list:


OpenAPI 3 Swagger UI:


search-companion source code on GitHub


Please contact us via email. We’re open to suggestions, enhancements and feedback and welcome all possible participations to this project.